Trusted Hub

A New Generation Secured Unified Authentication Gateway with Adaptive Intelligence

Trusted Hub Adaptive Intelligence works based on the combination of user’s previous login data and rules defined by the systems. The more the user logs-in using the system, the better Trusted Hub will be able to predict the threat level of the authentication attempt


Trusted Hub

Concept of Trusted Hub, how it work ? how it help to secure and centralize your password when you login?


A secure way to identity management. Simplify the user ID credential of multiple applications to a centralized pool of user source


  • Software OTP
  • Software PKI
  • Advance Mobile Token
  • QR Code


  • OTP
  • PKI Token
  • FIDO
  • Mobile PKI

Out of band

  • SMS
  • Push Token
  • QR Push


Federated identity management with multifactor authentication options

Access All Application with Single Identity

Enforce policy in multiple domain
Secure all connection with same protocol

Integrated XIO Integration, With Password Privacy

Enforce policy in multiple domain
Secure all connection with same protocol

Secure and Configurable Access

Enforce policy in multiple domain
Secure all connection with same protocol


A New Approach to Mobility - Now you can centrally manage people, devices and access to web and mobile apps, to achieve better security and efficiency

Secure and Flexible BYOD solution

BYOD or Bring your own device offer flexible option for end user to utilize their own devices as security tokens

Security Does Matter

In Mobile Platforms (BYOD), not all authentication solutions offers higher security to ensure user credentials are protected. In Trusted Hub, a user previously processed is secured with its own tokenization technology. Security keys we generated and binded with the device. Key life cycle will cover its revocation for disposal.

Additions highlights of the solution are available for admins.

  • Enforce Password Policy
  • Dashboard of devices
  • Revoke & Destroy keys in a seconds
  • Audits
  • Notifications when devices changes

Devices to Directory Authentication

Trusted Hub allows BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) to be used as security token user source.

Know When you are Under Attacks


Directory Platform

  • Single Sign ON
  • Multifactor Security Authentication
  • BYOD
  • Adaptive Intelligence
  • Directory Services

Technology Solutions

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google Apps
  • API Access

Industry Solutions

  • Financial Services
  • Government Services
  • Enterprize Services